Heidi Krohn
B.Sc. Economics

Heidi is a trained therapist specialising in cognitive behavioural theory.
Heidi has worked in banking, as well as having been HR manager in a construction and property company.

She currently works as a consultant specialising in individual coaching and group-based leadership training. She is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and a partner in Privilegium Group.

Anders Rehnberg
M.Sc. Engineering Physics

Anders is a Swedish/British national based in the London area, he has a long career in International Sales and Management, including Sales Manager, KAM, and CEO.

For the last 30 years he has specialised in International Sales Training – Value Based Business. Anders has operated in some 70 countries, and in almost 100 industries.

Stan Idelsen
M.Sc. Nuclear Engineering
Stan is a Belgian national based in Brussels, with a background in B2B sales training and coaching, and with a long history of helping to start companies in Belgium and elsewhere and is aware of the challenges facing entrepreneurs.
Felix Rehnberg
MA Chinese Studies

Felix is a Swede, grown up in UK and is now based in Japan. His specialty is working with early-stage university start-ups. He has worked extensively with researchers, start-up founders and research-based technologies; advising how to move innovation from idea-stages in academia to commercialisation in the market.

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